Paleo Breakfast Porridge

I came across this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt recently.

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature but beautiful old people are works of art.

A lot of meaning can be drawn from this particular statement. But in the context of health, it reminded me how we often take our wellness for granted. In our youth we may treat our bodies in a way that is less than ideal because we can get away with it. Eventually, the signs of abuse and/or neglect start to take their toll. When we start eating better, exercising, taking time to pray and/or meditate we may have the best of intentions but still struggle to stick with our new resolutions. Let’s take heart that the things we are doing now to take better care of ourselves, mind, body and soul will eventually pay off. We are investing in a future of better health and wellness. We are creating works of art.

Paleo Breakfast Porridge

Paleo Breakfast Porridge:: Paleo Spirit

Two years ago our family started down the path of creating a better, more healthful future for ourselves. As part of that, we began transitioning* to a grain-free diet. This paleo breakfast porridge recipe really helped us out during that time. Most people have never considered the possibility of a grain-free “cereal” and before going paleo we had not either. Our first “paleo porridge” was in a simpler form – just bananas (or plantains), coconut milk, almond meal and flax meal. It was born out of desperation – the desperation to make something that remotely resembled oatmeal or other types of hot cereal to replace what we were losing.

Since those early days, our paleo porridge has turned into a more complex dish. We began adding spices and all different types of toppings to the porridge. We always eat it as a side dish with a source of protein like sausage or eggs. It’s great with added berries, unsweetened coconut flakes and nuts. The sweetness will vary depending on the ripeness of the bananas you are using. We don’t typically add any additional sweetener but you have the option of drizzling a little maple syrup or raw honey on the porridge before serving if you like.

This paleo breakfast porridge recipe is easy and serves anywhere from 2-4 persons.

Paleo Breakfast Porridge Recipe

paleo breakfast porridge


  • 2 ripe bananas (or one large, very ripe, plantain), mashed
  • 2 cups coconut milk (or 1 can plus extra water)
  • 3/4 cup almond meal
  • 1/4 cup flax meal
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ginger
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground cloves
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1/8 teaspoon celtic sea salt
  • maple syrup or raw honey (optional)
  • toppings like berries, unsweetened coconut flakes, nuts, seeds, etc… (optional)


Combine all ingredients in a medium saucepan and heat to a slow simmer, stirring, until thick and bubbly.

The consistency will vary depending on the type of coconut milk you use. (I usually use “light” coconut milk) The mixture will seem thin at first but thicken up quickly. It will continue to thicken after it is served so you may need to add extra water or coconut milk.

Paleo Breakfast Porridge

I hope you enjoy this recipe for paleo breakfast porridge. For more paleo breakfast recipes and ideas check here.

* Rather than relying on cereal substitutes on a longer-term basis, it is best to use this as a more transitional recipe. It is meant to help you make the move to less reliance on cereals and provides some often needed variety.

Leave us a comment and let us know what other types of grain-free hot cereal alternatives you have tried and how well you liked them. Thanks!

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44 thoughts on “Paleo Breakfast Porridge

  1. Looks great. I never considered even looking for a hot cereal alternative once I went paleo. It’s really been eggs and vegetables since. Sometimes the occasional bacon. Looks like this might be the answer to my need for a hot breakfast during the winter. :)

  2. Thanks for a lovely recipe Lea I particularly admire the way in this post you have clearly explained the thinking behind this dish – that it is suitable for transitioning or for a breakfast treat. Every now and again I hanker for something just like Porridge – and I do get a bit bored of eggs – not in taste – but life needs variety to keep it interesting!

    • Thanks Ceri for appreciating my point of view. This recipe is something we ate more at the beginning of our transition and has been mostly replaced by breakfasts of meats/eggs/veggies/fruit. It just seems normal now whereas in the beginning we needed that “bridge” to a new way of eating. Thanks for your comment. :-)

  3. I made this for my daughter and me this morning…for her, it just wasn’t the same as my normal oatmeal I used to make us (she’s 5), but I really enjoyed it! I used a little blue agave VANILLA nectar on top, blueberries, coconut shavings and raisins! It was like a little treat. Thanks! I’m having the leftovers for tomorrow at work!

  4. This looks delicious. I have been looking for an alternative to eating my delicious grainless granola for breakfast. I love porridge so will definitely try this. It looks like a great recipe. I am sure it will be yummy. I am guessing this will serve a few people so will halve it for one.

    • Hi Susi,
      In this recipe I would say they are necessary because they make up a major part of the porridge. You could possibly substitute dates or other fruit which would be good but probably a different result.

  5. This is so good! I started Paleo and had this to get me off of oatmeal in the morning. I must say it’s even better than oatmeal!

  6. Hello, I’m starting the Paleo lifestyle soon and preparing by creating a weekly/monthly menu. Do you know how long this meal lasts? Can I make this the night before or on Sunday to be eaten the next day or throughout the week?

    • Lize,
      This recipe is more of a side dish for four people that ideally would be served with a protein source. It’s very fast and easy to make right before serving but you could make it in advance to save time.

  7. My Hubby and I started down this health path in 2005. Eating organic much less meat, no sweets, gardening — growing our herbs and other vegetables, really working at it. I use to be sick every winter now I am never sick!!! I have not been sick since 05.
    Good for you!!

  8. Thank you, your recipe is delicious. I added raisins and cranberries before heating it to give it some sweetness…no need for any honey or sugar. I eat it with a delicious natural yoghurt or home made almond milk.

  9. I’ve gotta say, Paleo aside, this is one of my new favorite recipes! It’s simply amazing! I made it with natural maple syrup and some blueberries, delish! Calmed a bit of my grain cravings tonight. :)

  10. Love the recipes in this blog! This concept is still new to me but I’m noticing some good things since starting a few weeks ago. Your recipes have helped tremendously in the transition process! The pancakes, my kids actually ate! They were so good. The Hazelnut spread they don’t like because they are addicted to Nutella. For me it’s a great snack to pull a tablespoon from and eat it with banana and strawberry slices. The porridge I made for breakfast a few days ago and it was fabulous. I make almost one recipe a day from this site! Thank you.

  11. Thank you for the recipe! I loved it and what a treat when topped with a scoop of Almond Butter, diced apple, pecan chips and diced dates!!! Oh my!!! So good!!!!!

  12. Thank you for the recipe! I had to add some extra cinnamon and a splash of vanilla to bring down the intense banana flavor (guess my naners were a little too ripe!) but it reminded me of banana bread, which I love :) It also gave me an idea for next time as the texture was not quite varied enough for me. Next time I make this I think I will chop pecans or walnuts to mix through at the end, with a little maple syrup. Banana bread in a bowl! Mmmmmm :)

    • Hi Denise,
      I think it could be done in a slow cooker. You might just need to add more liquid in the beginning. Let me know if you try it.
      Best, Lea

  13. Hi – found your recipe on Pinterest, whilst searching for Paleo inspiration. It is delicious! I think I’ve found myself a once a week treat; It could even be a semolina pudding substitute. Yum.
    Thank you.

  14. Lol I find it amazing how everyone has never had this but it kind of makes sense. I’m carribean and this is a staple in our diet. It’s what we feed baby’s instead of the gerber cereal flakes. I still eat it. We just call it plantain or green banana porridge. But I’m glad everyone here is liking it. Welcome to the cuisine of the West Indies.

    • I haven’t tried it. The bananas add a sweetness you wouldn’t get from the avocados. But, hey, everybody is different. I’ve certainly eaten and enjoyed stranger things.

  15. This Porridge is amazing. My belly is very happy n warm. I was so sad that I had to give up oats as they were my go to winter breakfast

  16. This looks absolutely lovely. I can’t get flax meal here though. Do you think it can be substituted by anything else? I’ve really been wanting to try this, but with the lack of flax meal it makes it harder. Thanks!

    • Martine,
      I don’t believe the flax meal is strictly necessary. It does create a “stickier” texture and one that has more texture. But you can just add more almond meal if you prefer.
      Regards, Lea

  17. This has become a staple in our home. My husband started SKIPPING breakfast when we went paleo over a year ago. He said his stomach could not handle the eggs, etc every AM. This has saved the day. He is now eating breakfast regularly! Thanks for the ideas!!

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