2 thoughts on “Food Crimes

  1. Thanks for your site. BTW, I found you on Pinterest, in case you track. I am a newbie. My questions – on your matrix (awesome, thank you), I don’t see Quinoa, but I hear it described as an “ancient grain”. OK in moderation? Also, no hemp seeds, chia, flax, etc., but I would think they are ok. Any thoughts on these? Thanks. PAF

    • Hi Pat,
      Welcome. I think you are right. I could add hemp seeds, chia and flax. I wouldn’t add Quinoa to the list because it isn’t considered a “paleo” food. It’s not a grain but it has grain-like qualities like saponins which are known to irritate the gut. So it could be an issue for people who are sensitive. I have celiac disease so gluten is the main thing I avoid so technically I could eat quinoa if someone served it to me. But it’s not something I make for myself or strongly recommend to others. I also tend to feel better and manage my weight better when I stick to veggies and low-sugar fruit for my carbs.
      Best, Lea

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