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  3. I made your Paleo Chocolate cake and it was excellent! I was very impressed! At first I thought that was a huge amount of eggs (as I doubled the recipe) and man did the two combinations of wet and dry get very thick batter! Just like any other cake mix! My mom and I tried the cake this morning as we baked the cake last night and it was a moist chocolate yummy cake. It was made to encourage my husband to get off dairy and sugar and become a Paleo eater with me! So I am sure this cake will be a winner with him! Your postings are beautiful and the pictures are true to the recipe! Thanks! :)

  4. Im not much of a baker but I have someone I know that follows the paleo diet and I wanted to make him a cake so I found your Chocolate BIrthday cake recipe. I followed it exactly and my batter was pure liquid I had to add 3 more cups of the flour?? There was less than 2 cups of dry ingred to all that liquid including the 9 eggs…it had no chance to be thick? What went wrong? also can you substitute almond flour for the coconut flour?

    • Angela,
      Coconut flour is not at all like regular wheat flour. You only need a small amount compared to what you would need for wheat flour, other grain-based flours or almond flour. They are all very different. You cannot make substitutions of other flours for coconut flour recipes. The cake recipe calls for 3/4 cup of coconut flour because that is all it needs. I have made this cake numerous times, as have many others, and the recipe works as written. Adding 3 additional cups of coconut flour will not result in a successful cake. Sorry you wasted so much flour by changing the recipe.

  5. I think it’s cool to have restaurant reviews…I mostly see product reviews!

    How does it work? Are you compensated in any way(free meal, etc) for the review, or not at all?

    • Hi Dierdre,
      I’m not compensated for restaurant reviews. If I am in the future I will definitely mention it in the post. These are just places I decided to try and let others know in case they are looking for something paleo-friendly in their area.

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