Basic Mayonnaise Recipe for Your Paleo Diet

In recent days I have been working on a recipe for Paleo Beer Battered Fish. But it occurs to me I should first post my recipe for Basic Paleo Mayonnaise because the sauce for that fish includes mayo. This mayo recipe is also important in its own right because it can be used to make all sorts of paleo-friendly dishes like egg, chicken and tuna salads as well as other sauces. One of the main reasons I like to make my own mayo is it is almost impossible to find a brand in the grocery store that is not made with soybean oil (yuck!). And any food made with soybean oil is, by definition, a low quality food. Olive oil is a much more healthful choice. The problem with olive oil is the flavor can sometimes be too strong to work well in mayonnaise. My recipe recommends you use regular olive oil, sometimes called “light” or “extra light” olive oil, instead of the usual Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Here’s the one I used this time.extra light olive oil

One of the fears people have in making their own mayo is the use of raw eggs*. The risk of getting salmonella is fairly low. The risk is even lower if you use farm fresh eggs and, as it says on the carton, you CAN taste the difference.

Check out these beautiful, farm fresh eggs from one of my neighbors. Continue reading

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