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My name is Lea and I’m the creator of Paleo Spirit – a website dedicated to a back-to-basics approach to health and wellness.

My focus is on providing healthful recipes and strategies for living a healthier lifestyle. Most recipes are gluten-free, grain-free and otherwise paleo-friendly. 

A little bit more about me…

I am a Christian and wife to Gavin and a mom to two sons, Benjamin and Nathaniel. During the early days of blogging, we lived in a beautiful town in New Jersey, as featured in many posts on this site. In 2015 we moved to my home state of Texas where we currently reside in the Austin area.

As of September 2023, I am an “empty-nester” with one son in college and another taking a gap year in France. My Bichon-poodle mix dog, Sally, is doing her best to fill the void by following me around everywhere I go.


My hobbies include cooking and recipe development, food photography, Crossfit and travel.

Lea at Palazzo Ducale, Urbania, Le Marche, Italy

I speak Italian and spent much of the summer of 2023 reinvigorating my language skills at a language school in Urbania, Italy. Both my boys were with me, which was an opportunity of a lifetime.

I now spend time listening to podcasts and books in Italian (and Duolingo!) to keep up my skills.

I enjoy genealogy research and working through the process to help my husband and sons gain recognition of their Italian citizenship by descent. I will be taking the Italian language test for citizenship in December 2023. My dream would be to have the opportunity to spend part of every year in Italy.



I have a bachelors degree in European History and a Masters in International Business focused on Finance and Economics. My International Business Masters “track” was Italy and the Italian language and I have spent time living, working and studying in Italy. 


Consulting Career and Health Coaching

LEA VALLE in Florence, Italy

Eating “Bistecca alla Fiorentina” in Florence, Italy.

As an executive in the Strategy Consulting industry, I spent years working for major organizations providing advisory services to large (household name) corporate clients across industries in the US and abroad.

I am also a Certified Primal Health Coach and left my career in Business Consulting to spend more time on my passion, which is providing health coaching and consulting services to private clients.

The problem-solving skills honed in my years of corporate consulting, along with expertise in health and wellness strategies, has provided me with the ability to effectively guide clients and help them reach their goals.

Please reach out via lea @ paleospirit (dot) com for more information on coaching services.

COMING SOON: Link to LEA VALLE Health Consulting Services Portal

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P.S. If you would like to know a little more about my health journey you can check out this post: A “Paleo Spirit”: My Personal Health Journey.

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