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Photographs on are copyright Lea Valle. If you would like to use one of my photographs you must obtain permission first, in writing, via email. Lea (at)  In general I will grant permission for photos to be republished on other sites as long as there is credit given by my name (Lea Valle) and/or Paleo Spirit with a link back to the place on the blog where it was originally found. For food photographs there should be a credit by name (Lea Valle) and/or Paleo Spirit with a link back to the recipe from which the photo is taken. The recipe itself may not also be published along with the photograph. I maintain the right to withdraw permission, and request that a photo of mine be removed from another site, for any reason.


Sharing recipes can be fun. However, recipe development is time intensive as well as costly. As such, I take the copyright on recipes seriously. If you repost a Paleo Spirit recipe please make sure it is written in your own words with your own special changes to the ingredients and process. Small changes to a recipe and/or process do not mean you have created a unique recipe. It is also customary to provide a reference by name (Lea Valle from Paleo Spirit) and a link back to the page on my blog where you found the recipe. Any posting of recipes with no links back to the original content page will be considered in breach of copyright law and will be defended against.

Personal note to other food bloggers: It is poor form to reproduce a recipe in its entirety – even with small tweaks. It may be keeping the letter of the law but it certainly is not keeping the spirit of the law. This is especially true if you reproduce a recipe then submit it to a food aggregator site like Foodgawker, Chowstalker, Fast Paleo and others. By doing this you are basically stealing blog traffic from the originator of the recipe. I have seen this done many times by some professional food bloggers and it is always disappointing and takes some of the joy out of blogging.

Any questions please write me at Lea (at)

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