The Birth of Venus

by Sandro Botticelli (c. 1484); Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

This painting, which is a universal icon of Western painting, depicts Venus born from the sea foam, blown by the west wind, Zephyr, and the nymph, Chloris, towards one of the Horai, who prepares to dress her with a flowered mantle. The theme of “The Birth of Venus” can be traced back to Homer and to Ovid’s Metamorphoses and is also associated with the concept of Humanitas, or virtuous Humanity, and depicts:

“symbolic fusion of Spirit and Matter, the harmonious interaction of Idea and Nature.”

For an amazing high-resolution view of this masterpiece I recommend you check out the Google Art Project catalogue: \”The Birth of Venus\” by Botticelli
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"The Birth of Venus" by Botticelli

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