Roger and Angelica
Odilon Redon
1910, oil on paper, on canvas
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York City

roger and angelica by odilon redon

This painting reminds me of my two young boys and their vivid imaginations.  The artist, Odilon Redon, much like my boys do now, is said to have enjoyed watching the skies over his boyhood home in Bordeaux and conjuring up fantastical images and beings.  Many of his imaginings would later show up in his works of art.   This particular piece was inspired by the romance “Orlando Furioso” and shows the knight Roger coming to the aid of the maiden Angelica who was falling prey to a terrible dragon (dragons are another thing my boys can appreciate!).  This painting is in the Romantic style and expresses emotion primarily through the use of color.

For more information and a high resolution view you can check out Google Art Project.

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