Just a quick post showing today’s breakfast. Nothing earth-shattering. But I’m a visual person and like to see what other Paleo folks eat. So here’s a photo of my mushroom omelet with purslane. It was as simple as frying three baby-Bella mushrooms in some ghee and adding two eggs scrambled with some black pepper, sea salt and a dash of heavy cream. Okay, so the dairy products make this more “primal” but I was out of coconut milk. I topped the omelet with purslane from my garden. I cultivate it now that I know the nutritional benefits (see previous post). I ate the omelet with some fresh strawberries (low glycemic index fruit) and a cup of strong coffee with some heavy whipping cream -NO sugar. Who needs sugar when you can eat FAT?!

So, there you have it – an example of a typical day’s breakfast, albeit on fancier plates than usual. This meal will keep me full for hours, provide me with a ton of nutrition and it took only a few minutes to prepare. Paleo/Primal eating does NOT have to be difficult.


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