A few weeks ago I was contacted by Peter from the food and travel blog, Souvlaki for the Soul, about my recipe for Chocolate Paleo Snack Cake. He has a gluten-intolerant friend who had been craving chocolate cake.

How many of us can relate to the chocolate cake craving?!

Peter had done an internet search for a gluten-free chocolate cake and came across my recipe. He made it a few times with success and liked it so much he wanted to highlight it on his popular food and travel blog. I was thrilled to hear he was interested in doing this because Peter is an amazing food photographer. Actually, as you will see when you check out his blog, he takes all kinds of amazing photos.

As the word “souvlaki” would suggest, Peter, who lives in Sydney, Australia, is of Greek descent. His blog focuses on food and travel with a big emphasis on his Greek heritage. While not all of his recipes fit within my own dietary restrictions, I absolutely love visiting his website and taking in all the amazing photographs – especially the ones of food. Food photography is something I have begun to really appreciate. I am learning more and more about it every day and I aspire to take photographs as wonderful as Peter’s. He is self-taught which gives me hope! (If you are interested in food photography and styling check out  Food and Prop Styling for Food Bloggers)

Take a look at his post for “Paleo” Chocolate Cake and see for yourselves. I have always made the recipe in a square pan more suited to brownies. Peter uses a round cake pan and tops it with whipped coconut cream and toasted coconut. The flavor combination sounds delicious and the photographs turn a tasty and nutritious recipe into something exquisite and elegant.

Once you have looked at Peter’s post, and before you get hungry and decide to make the chocolate cake, check out some of his other work.